Alma with extra shoulder strap

  1. I want the alma in Damier as I've already mentioned here - I called my local LV boutique to get prices - I also want the additional shoulder strap for the bag which was quoted as $205.00 so in addiiton to the $880 price, that's pretty hefty - do any of you have that strap? how does it work for you? - the bag I saw that made me want it had the extra strap although the owner was not carrying it on her shoulder - what are your thoughts? I really prefer shoulder freindly bags.
  2. I can't see myself carrying the Alma with a shoulder strap. I think it would look too big next to the body. IMO, the Alma is definitely a handbag.
  3. I have the same Alma strap for my speedy. I really don't use it because I don't like the way it looks but I keep it inside the bag and in pitch (if I am exhausted at the airport, need free hands shopping, whatever), I can pull it out. I think it looks a little frumpy but it does work!
  4. fashionfile on ebay has some alma straps from time to time on ebay for about $90
  5. I use a strap with my mono canvas Speedy 25 but not with the Alma, even though the Alma is supposed to be the shoulder bag. I didn't know there was a strap that you could buy for the Damier Alma, but that makes sense that there is. I've already got the Damier Speedy 30, and it's definitely too big to wear on a strap, but now I'm wanting a Damier Speedy 25 and strap to go with! Heh.
  6. Wow! what a great tip! Thanks.
  7. I went ahead and bought the shoulder strap when I purchased my Speedy in
    Damier...I only use when I have to, not all the time--good to do when traveling. I also used my other speedys with a strap...if you don't over load it, it's OK. Officially, LVuitton does not reccommend doing it, but lots of people do. You have to think about what you need to do, that's all.
  8. I saw a lady with a monogram alma (really yucky patina though !) and a very short shoulder strap - she probably had extra holes punched in. Anyways, it was great, cause she turned the alma into a shoulder bag with the short strap and it looked fabulous !

    So alma with strap = a-okay !