Alma vs. Manhattan PM Mono

  1. I love both these bags! Any thoughts on which I should buy... What do you like / dislike? Unfortunately can't get both (at least not for a while)! Thanks:yes:
  2. i prefer the manhattan pm! i love this bag. i've never really been a fan of the alma.
  3. Manhattan PM! I don't like the alma shape personally.
  4. For me personally, I like the alma better. Easy in and easy out. Plus it is a nice shape, easy to see into, and timeless. The alma is on my want list!
  5. For Mono Manhattan PM! I only like the Alma in MC!
  6. IMO, the manhattan pm by a long shot...I've never been a fan of the alma either...
  7. In mono, the Manhattan...I prefer the Alma in Damier. :shrugs:
  8. I love, love, love my manhattan PM!
  9. I like the Alma in Damier. I would be paranoid of getting that huge vachetta bottom dirty on the Monogram version.

    The Manhattan PM is the bomb, but heavy.
  10. Manhattan!!!
  11. I love both but prefer the Manhattan more. Unfortunately it's more $$ :sad:
  12. I have and love the Damier alma, but I don't really like the mono alma. Go for the Manhattan!
  13. Mahattan PM! =) Great bag!
  14. i prefer the Manhattan PM. the shape of the Alma bugs me, and i think the bag itself looks better in Damier anyway
  15. Definitely Mono Manhattan PM!!! the alma looks like a clam-shell