Alma Voyage MM

  1. This is my first post! Hi all! :smile:

    Does anyone own the Alma Voyage MM? I am thinking about purchasing it next month. I am going to use it as an everyday bag, because I love the bigger bags. I was going to get the Manhattan GM, but I think the strap in the middle would become a pain when I am in a rush to open it.


    I hope everyone is doing well!
  2. I am with you!
    I love a big bag, and I use the Damier Alma (reg. size) and I do have the ManhattanGM.

    I love the size of the ManhattanGM, and the bag in general. But I do think it's a great idea to get the Alma Voage MM and use it as a "big bag".

    A friend of mine uses her Alma MM this way!

    As always, if you can get to a boutique, try the bags on!

    Welcome & Enjoy!
  3. I think the voyage is a little too big for an everyday bag, what about a speedy 35?
  4. I've been wondering this too, as I love the Alma but was absolutely shocked at how small it is in person!
  5. Yeah it's so hard picking out a bag. I mean I know the Alma is big, but the Miroir bag is the same size and people carry that around.
  6. It is a great bag.
  7. It's HUGE,
    but then again ,
    that's MY personal opinion....
  8. yeah, try on the bags.
    Are you near a store or boutique ?

    Or order from eLux...apparently free shipping time is now.
  9. i got the miroir alma it should be the same size if i nt wrong well it look ok to me maybe i sort of big size pple lol :p ya y not alma mm for everyday bag its cool...i now startin to like alma...hope Lv come out more design in alma mm just love it....
  10. I am intersted in the ALMA MM as well... Im 5'8 so i actually rock the Speedy 40 with a base i made for it.... I actually got the folk in the store t help me pick the size and the all agreed the 40 rocked on me..... Kim Kardashian and paris rock the ALMA voyage MM..... but since I dont know their height i have no iea what that means for me....
  11. I have the MM, and despite the measurements given and me mapping them out and trying to picture it as a day bag (it sounded a reasonable size for a big bag), well, I got it and it is HUGE! I swear it looks like it can hold as much as the Keepall 55...

    I still love it, I am just trying to fgure out how to use it other than travel, which I don't do much of.

    oh - I am 5' 6" tall.
  12. I think it's a great bag! It's a little too big for everyday use IMHO, but to each his own.
  13. I honestly don't think the bag is that big. The only problem is that there are no inside pockets. So basically you won't be able to find anything in it if you were to use it for everyday purposes. The bag is VERY heavy on it's own however. I was going to get the bag, but once I found out there were no inside pockets, I quickly said no to buying it lol.
  14. - I use a purseket in all of my bags - makes it easier to find things!
  15. I have a 35, and it's not that big; neither is it that heavy. I have plenty of leather bags 40cm or more and the Speedy 35 is a ton lighter. I don't think a 40 would be much heavier, and the weight isn't an issue for me at all. I love the Alma shape but as I said above I was shocked at how small the 30 actually is.. I'm off to Brissy early tomorrow and will be in the store Saturday so will see if they have an Alma Voyage MM in stock for me to try out. I'm only 5'7"/170cm so aren't a skyscraper, and the 35 is only regular on me compared to other bags. :shrug: