Alma Voyage MM or Congo GM?

  1. I am 5 '11 and wanting a new everyday bag, something that if needed could hold a change of chothes... I will be spending a month on vacation this summer, traveling from New York, New York to Key West, Florida. I want something that will hold all the stuff, bathing suit, etc. I want either an Alma Voyage MM (its being discontinued and i really hope to get it) or a Congo GM? I already have a Keepall 50. It must be monogram canvas. Preferably under $2000. TIA:flowers:

    PS. Anybody have modeling pics of their Alma MM or the Congo GM?
  2. I love the Alma Vovage so I would say go for that. Lucky you having a months vacation, enjoy!
  3. I love the Voyage. I want to get it because its being discontued and limited. I dont know how heavy it would be to carry around daily.
  4. The Voyage is quite heavy on it's own... Do any of your local LV stores have one? I would suggest going to take a look at it IRL and maybe bring a few things with you to put inside the bag to see how heavy it may be on a daily basis. I love the bag though... will the lack of inside compartments be an issue?
  5. I've always loved the alma voyage, and you don't really see them around very often !
  6. I dont think the lack of compartments will be an issue. I just dont know how it will be to use it as a daily bag for a month... I think my local store had one... Maybe... I dont know...
  7. I hope you are able to find one... they are SO beautiful. I want one myself... but am wondering if it's too big for me, since I don't carry much. I think it would look hot in the summer sun in the city though... WOO!
  8. ^^ Lol me to!
  9. Definitely th Alma! Don't much care for the Congo personally...