Alma Vernis Pomme D'Amour

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  1. Heya cupcakes! :smile:

    I'm about to get a Alma MM Vernis in amarante & a Zippy Wallet in pomme d'amour. The pomme d'amour sure is fantastic as is the amarante. I know amarante goes with just about everything.. not sure on the pomme though? I thought of probably getting the alma in pomme instead. :smile:

    Anyhoo.. my question is: just how versatile is the alma vernis in pomme d'amour? :smile:

    I'm 6'0"/183cm tall & am a curvy, size 14 US/16 UK woman and if this is of any help, I'm a NC 37/40. I wear loads of blacks, pinks, whites, electric blues, reds and am branching out into em vintage, classic colors. :smile:

    Thanks loads!
  2. I think the pomme color can go with just about anything I have seen it paired with jeans and a regular shirt it looks fantastic. I would believe the amarante might go with more though. Choose what color you like best they are both gorgeous colors!
  3. I think pomme is a year round color. For me it is a perfect red that is very neutral.
    Alma in pomme is TDF! Wish they make it in PM size already :smile:

    If I could pull off the MM size, I would get both the wallet and bag in Pomme - it will be a stunning combo! Amarante is also beautiful but I definitely prefer the Alma in Pomme.

    Good luck deciding!
  4. You can wear it with just about any colour...

    I tend to wear it with jeans/t-shirt, summer dresses and even work (with my black work dresses)...

    Its such a fabulous bag to own... :biggrin:
  5. I agree that the Pomme goes with sooo much & can be worn all year as well. I love the Amarante but the finger prints it leaves gets on my nerves. I know you'll be happy with either bag though. Make sure to do a reveal once you decide!
  6. Thanks! :smile: I don't usually were jeans.. but yes, I can see how it will go great with jeans! :smile: I suspect the amarante to go with more too.. I just feel that when I'm back in the Middle East visiting family, the pomme d'amour would be a nice pop of color against the black abaya but hey.. its not like I'm gonna be there. :smile: My winter coat here in Europe is black so yeah.. thought abt the pop of color. I do have a red bag though and that's what's tearing me apart.. :sad:

    That's cute! The BB looks like a rat next to me & a PM looks like a guinea pig.. The PM is kinda alright but I'd love the GM, honestly.

    Thanks hon :smile:

    I can see myself wearing it with blacks, electric blues, some pastels but I can't see myself carrying it with pinks and corals. :sad:

    Its such an awesome color though!

    Still torn!!! :sad:
  7. The fingerprints did made me think.. decided I'd def go for the zippy wallet in pomme d'amour but the bag, I don't know.. something that goes with everything vs so much.

    Your avatar is breath-taking! Defo drawn to the pomme though I can't see myself carrying it with corals & pinks :sad: Sad, sad, sad!!

    I'm thinking of getting a neverfull too.. Maybe if I do get a NF, I could get the pomme.. blah! I don't know! :sad:
  8. i have a pomme alma and i LOVE HER!!!!!
    she is my favorite bag i wear her with everthing
    im 4'11 and i pull her off im sure you will too!
  9. I personally prefer Amarante. But you honestly cannot go wrong with either! Such beautiful colours :smile: