Alma Vernis Pomme D'Amour - Versatility

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  1. Hi everyone,

    So I'm still deciding between the alma vernis in amarante and pomme d'amour & I really can't do so without your help. I went to the LV store here and they were out of the pomme d'amour and only had one in amarante. I ordered a zippy wallet in pomme d'amour and should be getting it in a week or so.

    I've attached some pictures- one of a brown trench coat with gold buttons & another one of yours truly trying out the alma vernis in mm. I'm 6'0" tall without heels and am a curvy size 14. Would the pomme d'amour go with what I'm wearing and also with the trench coat? I don't know how versatile the pomme really is. :sad:

    I know when I'm back in the Middle East, the pomme d'amour would be a beautiful color pop against my abaya (long black dress).

    I don't know.. help me out please? :smile:
    alma copy.jpeg trench.jpg
  2. Well i personally love amrante more in mm size, but pomme in alma bb.
    By the way ıs your abbaya ıs black? İf yes both of them will work, but pomme will pop out more.. Hope i could help you
  3. Amarante would go with alot more! Looks beautiful with your outfit
  4. I would choose pomme if it's still available, such a beautiful shade of red and goes with everything. It'll be perfect with your zippy wallet.
  5. This is a hard call. Flip a coin. If you are sad about the outcome then you have your choice! If you are not sad, then you have your choice!

    I believe you love pomme more bc you bought the wallet. :smile:
  6. Get the Amarante ! I have the Pomme for 1 year and haven't used it as yet ! Yes it's a pop of color but the Amarante Alma has been out many more times than Pomme !
  7. I have Alma in Amarante and I think it is more versatile, although I love Pomme more than any other color. But i would vote for Amarante
  8. I vote POMME, red is a neutral so goes with almost everything...I love my Pomme alma!!
  9. I think Amarante is more versatile and classier. Pomme can be a bit loud and in your face.
  10. I love Pomme, it is beautiful and also will match your zippy wallet.
  11. I'm partial to Pomme, so I say Pomme! A Pomme Alma would be so so gorgeous in the picture you took & with the trench! Either way, you cannot go wrong at all!
  12. I vote Pomme!

    The Pomme Alma is a stand out bag against black/brown and neutral colours. You will get LOTS of compliments on it.

    The Amarante alma is a gorgeous neutral too - and much less of a "pop" with the outfits... its more of an understatement.

    So, since you have stated you will be wearing black - go for pomme! Its so pretty!
  13. I prefer pomme in he alma and amarante in other vernis bags (Avalon or Brea).
  14. I love the Pomme....I drool over that bag.
  15. Hi I have the color Rouge Fauviste