ALma Vernis MM Feedback Scratches

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  1. Hi fell in love with Pomme d'amour MM. I thought it was just too large.

    That aside, how does it wear? Does this bag scratch easily? It's not the best patent nor the worst. I grade it in between ....

    Has anyone had some good use out of the Vernis ...are they delicate?
  2. I've used the heck out of my Amarante Alma MM (I know, not the Pomme.) But I also have a Pomme Brentwood - which does not have feet. And they're holding up spectacularly. I think you have to work pretty hard to scratch them.
  3. thanks so much...It's just a big for everyday. Do you find it difficult to carry? thanks for the feedback!
  4. I m deciding to get a vernis alma mm too :smile: (in rose pop)

    I have the same question about the size cuz i m only 5'1" and the regular size multicolor fit me well, so maybe the mm is too big for me :oh:
  5. Carry it around the boutique for a bit and you may get used to the size. I only find it difficult if I over stuff. I'm 5'9" though...however, I have seen almas ROCKED by very petite ladies around 5'2" - Miroir & Amarante. So it's def an attitude, since she got TONS of compliments and used it as a work bag.
  6. thank you for ur comment, u r so sweet~
    i tried to see the alma in store last 2 week but they didn't have it at that time. i will definitely check again:yes:
  7. I called Vuitton and the SA told me the Vernis is a bit delicate and difficult to carry around on a daily basis. she said it's better as a dress bag. She told me the EPI is best for daily use, traveling and banging around. She said the Vernis is patent leather and subject to scratches, so just be careful with it but she didn't recommend taking it to work daily. Hope that helps everyone in their decision. I will do as you say, put a few things in the bag and walk around the store with it and see how it feels. I'm concerned it's a bit big ...hope they come out with a smaller size soon.
  8. I have 3 vernis bags and 2 vernis SLG's and they all still look perfect
  9. Please do a search as there are many threads on this topic - search for "vernis" in the FAQs section. Happy reading!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.