Alma Vernis BB in Rose Florentine

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  1. hi everyone! Hope all is well! I'm nw to the Alma Vernis so i have a quick question..
    does anyone know when was the Alma Vernis BB in Rose Florentine came out and when did LV discontinue the color? I've been searching the forum but haven't found anything =(
  2. #2 May 2, 2016
    Last edited: May 2, 2016
    3. Rose/Baby Pink: Introduced in 1999, Discontinued in 2000

    I found this in the reference Lv thread. Would rose/baby pink fall under this?

    Does this mean that the Rose florentine they no longer make this color anymore after 2000?? So any bag with this color that has a date code of MI4059 means is a fake than? Cause the bag discontinue in 2000 but this date code stated that is made in France 45th week of 2009??

    I also found this under Yoogi's closet information about LV-

    Rose Florentine: Introduced in 2010

    **( does this mean the one with date code made from 2009 is authentic?

    Can someone please help me confirm this? I'm so confused
  3. Hi moderator! Please close this thread I will bring this to the LV store to ask about the bag! Thank you!