Alma Vachetta Replacement?

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  1. Have any of you had this done? How much did it cost you? I'm getting two VERY different ideas of cost, and wanted a better idea before I bother taking mine in!
  2. Someone reacelty have the vachetta replaced on a graffitti speedy (similar size) and i think it was 300ish.
  3. Yikes, that's insane! I'm wondering how a friend walked away with new vachetta on the alma for $174, while another person was quoted $500 for repair!
  4. I remember when I looked at the Alma my SA told me it was $500 to replace all of the leather too. Definately get a few quotes though. Prices do seem to vary greatly.
  5. I would take it to different stores and send it through the cheapest one! Don't take it anywhere other then LV though! You know that right?