Alma Strap Confusion??

  1. Went to LV today to inquire about the black leather strap for my Alma. Automatically the SA tells me the strap is not for my bag?? So my question is why? She goes on to say because it's not made for the bag and how my rings don't have the extra loop like the Alma BB which supports the strap. So ok I get that but I'm confused to why does LV make and sell in the store the additional strap as well as the straps for the newer Alma's if its not meant for the Alma. Also looking on the website at the Alma it states under detailed features "optional shoulder strap"...however she did go on to say if I do buy it and the tabs were to get damaged how LV will do nothing to fix it. Now that just threw me. So my question for the Alma owners do you guys have the strap and If so has it caused any damage to your Alma?

  2. I purchased an Epi alma mid last year - it didn't come with the strap so I use the one from my brea. Having said that I don't actually use it because it's not comfortable for me.
  3. I had a hard time tracking down an electric strap for my alma. Most SA at different locations didn't know it existed. I called the 1800# a few times too. I got different answers, it doesn't exist....its sold out...I kept trying. Finally I got someone at a local boutique who knew their stuff and was able to order me one. The electric alma DOES have rings near the handle to attach the straps too. It was designed that way. I have had no problems with my strap or alma. Not to sure about the other almas though. I can't remember if they have those same rings. It's so frustrating and a shame some of the associates don't know their stuff. Good luck!
  4. Really? Mine doesn't...just the four square rings that attach the handles to the chapes. The little extra loops in the back of the square rings aren't on mine. How's a brand new one, I just bought it last week. How long have you had yours? Maybe they changed it? :shrugs: I don't think I would wear it with a shoulder-strap anyway, but I'm just curious...
  5. The regular Alma have the extra ring for strap not on the MM that is what the strap would be sold for i have one with my regular Alma :smile: HTH
  6. Is your MM? the MM doesnt have the extra ring only the regular :smile:
  7. I hate it when they try to tell you what you should and shouldn't buy if you want the shoulder strap for your alma bag that's your business if they sell it you should be able to purchase it!
  8. An SA told me similarly last week. Apparently the newer Almas come with an option of a shoulder strap hence the extra rings. The extra rings help to balance out the weight. Older almas may not have it as they were meant to be handcarried. You can of course put a strap on the handle rings but because they just want to warn you that it may distort the rings.
  9. Ok the Alma's are not supposed to come with the strap period! But just like in the past it also happened with the speedys, people found the way to attach a strap to the metal rings that holds handles.., that is why they came up with the new speedys with straps. Anyways, i think LV will fix anything as long as you pay and are willing to wait a long long long time to get it back.. Ask SA, how about if it happens and I am willing to pay for it?. I am also a fan of straps sometimes it just makes it convenient but Alma's are not really meant to have a strap so it's more your personal choice and life style:smile:. If you want one, you need to ask for the strap as a special order because the strap is from another style, at least that is what they told me:smile:.. Hope this helps!
  10. the straps doesnt have to be special ordered. they are selling all colors of the straps in stores now. She showed me the black, white, fuschia etc. Basically I saw all the color straps.
  11. Hi i just took a closer look at the website and it shows that the regular size almas has the loop ring for the extra strap but the MM size does not. It does also state in the details for the MM that the strap can be purchased Optional.
  12. I dont really want the extra strap for carrying the bag. I want the option if I need to throw it on my shoulder for whatever reason and time. I also I just love bags that has the 3 strap hanging:smile: Yes I know its crazy but I cant help what I love lol...
  13. That is what they told me for the alma VERNIS :smile: in the same color of my bag;)..
  14. Mine doesn't have it either.. I am going to look at the website now.. And yes it says that on the website that is why I had a little argument with a SA about that because she was like Alma's cam never come with the strap only bb's ...
  15. Lol that is why I like it too:smile: its just in case of an emergency that you need to put in the shoulder etc but not to wear it as a messenger :-