Alma sizes

  1. Is there a ALMA GM? I know there is an ALMA, ALMA MM and ALMA BB but is there a or was there a GM? Would anyone know the measurements of the MM by chance? And if there is a GM what those measurements would be too?

    I may have found my second HG but not sure about the size....may be too big.

    I appreciate your help!!
  2. There WAS an Alma GM in Vernis, but they stopped making it a few years ago. Also the Alma Voyage, which technically is the same size as the GM.
  3. Yes -look on and search Louis Vuitton Alma GM - they have a vernis for sale and an alma voyage has sold. They have pics of these on the mannequin- huge!! Measurements for the GM are under the details tab.
  4. Thanks :smile:
  5. I appreciate your help.