Alma Shoulder Strap?

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  1. I think I read that a shoulder strap is available for the Alma, but has anyone used the shoulder strap with their's? How did you like it? What are all of your thoughts about it? Anyone have pics of them using a shoulder strap on their Alma?
  2. I've seen people with shoulder straps on Almas... to tell you the truth, it looks w e i r d. It's a bag thats meant to be handheld, when you mess up that balance, bad things happen. lol. That's just my opinion of course...
  3. ^^^I feel the same way!!!
  4. defense of the shoulder strap/handheld alliance, it works for the balenciaga....
  5. I think it looks kinda weird too.
    Technically, you could also attach a shoulder strap to the ellipse and the trouville. But again, that too looks weird.
  6. The shoulder strap on most LVs is a little odd, since it attaches to the handles rather to some place at the end of the bag. But with that being said, I think it looks really, really darling on some bags; such as the mini sac HL with a crossbody strap ! It's like the tambourin, but 32409834x cheaper !
  7. I tried on the optional shoulder strap before purchasing my Alma and I thought it looked weird, too. Looked off balance.
  8. Shoulder straps on LVs look weird. The only LV bag I use with a thin LV shoulder starp is my MC mini speedy sac and hang it around my body.
  9. Although I'm sure it's unintentional, the way the strap looks when attached to these bags make it look kinda cheap - IMO, it unintentionally could give off the funny impression that you couldn't be bothered to buy a shoulder bag so you attach any old strap to your handheld bag as a substitute, lol.
  10. i bought the strap for my damier alma. i use it occasionally, like when i have the kids with me and i need to hold hands inthe parking lot... it has utility, and doesn't look cheap IMO.
  11. I LOVE that look!!!:love:
  12. I think the optional shoulder strap to the Alma is a very good and practical thing to have:amuse: I don’t use it so often but I am very glad that I chose to get it to my Alma. I have found my self in situations when I had to much shopping bags to carry :amazed: and then it was a blessing to hang Alma on the shoulder.
    I also have a friend that bought her Alma so she can put her little dog :love: in to it and have her hands free in the boutique, she would be lost without the shoulder strap.
  13. WoW! a little dog in the alma?:P