Alma shape bag....was it a fake? Or older model?

  1. Hmm..

    I just got back from my 7th grade sons Back to School night. I saw a woman with what appeared to "look like" a Alma...but wasn't. The shape was just about the same.

    I'm wondering what it may be? It looked old...the patina was dark. Not super dark...but dark. The shape wasn't structured like Alma's are. Seemed to be a bit softer looking (but, not flimsy). There was piping down the sides paralleling the zipper opening that opened down either side, (just like the Alma). Hmm??:shrugs:

    Also she was able to wear it on her shoulder. The handles were a bit roomy.

    The first thing I thought was fake. It had the LV logos on it, etc. Then I thought maybe it was just a older LV I had never seen before. There was no vachetta on the bottom either. Was all canvas on the bottom, like one piece or something.

    It got me curious, so here I am. Thought I'd put this question to the PF experts. So,...was there such a bag in the past?? Or, sound like a fake. Sorry, I have no pics. I stared it that I could describe it as best I can to you all. LOL!:lol:

    I just took my pochette accessoires. I was like UGGGHH, I should've brought one of my prettier LV's. (BH, or Damier Speedy, Cerise, Baggy GM in fuchsia...) Hmm...Well, LOL there's always my daughter's Back To School night which is this Thurs. :graucho: LOL!
  2. It sounds like a vintage fake to me. As far as I know, none of the Alma shaped bags have straps that are long enough for most people to put on their shoulders. You can always put a shoulder strap on it but that doesn't sound like what you described..

  3. Ya, the straps...looked like normal Alma handles but a bit roomier (not huge though). And Whoa, I wasn't aware that they (whomever "they are") made "Vintage fakes". :wtf:
  4. Lol. Yeah..they've made fakes for years. Same with Chanel..if you're not really an expert, you wouldn't really be able to tell an authentic vintage bag from a fake one. It's really hard for me sometimes..I'm better with the newer bags :yes:
  5. Ya, the newer bags are alot easier. This one though, looked so different. It looked aged. Old, vintage. I was like, Huh??! Was this actually a style from way back when..? LOL was interesting either way!:yes: