Alma PM

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  1. Hey ladies, I'm looking to buy an Alma PM but am having a really difficult time deciding between the amarante and the rouge fauviste! I want it to go with everything, but mostly as an evening/ fancier bag.

    Do you guys have mod shots with different outfits foe both? Or a side by side comparison even?

    Votes and pictures! Thanks :smile:
  2. When I bought my Alma it was also between amarante and rouge fauviste. Both are lovely, but I think amarante is more neutral and classy :smile:
  3. I can see why you are undecided. Both are great colors... If I had to pick I would have a tough time myself, but I think I would ultimately go with amarante.
  4. I'm a huge fan of amarante! It is less selective of a color and can be worn with more things ;)
  5. Oh I would totally go with the Rouge Fauviste! Gorgeous color, just stunning.
  6. I guess it would depend on your wardrobe.

    RF's shade is hard to describe,burgundy+pinkish+purplish, that's what makes it attractive,
    Different shade on different lighting.

    Amarante could look like black on a dark room, though easier to match with clothes.

  7. +1

    I think of Amarante as more of a neutral, while RF is more of a pop of color. Both are beautiful, I think you will know which fits your style best. Good luck!!
  8. Amarante! I feel like the darker color screams night time and dressier. But, to be honest, both colors are lovely and you won't go wrong with either :smile:
  9. I would go with amarante its stunning
  10. I also think that Amarante is such a lovely and classy color. Very neutral IMO.

    RF is also a great color - but more like a Pop of color vs. a color that will coordinate with many a wardrobe.

    Good Luck. Either way it will be beautiful! :smile:
  11. Amarante if you want a bag that goes with everything. RF if you want a bit more color. I have Amarante but would like to have RF in the near future!
  12. Amarante for sure!
  13. Amarante it's more versatile

  14. +1!!!
  15. If you not crazy for fingerprints, go with rouge.

    Amarante can show fingerprints.

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