Alma PM - What uses?


Mar 21, 2016
Hi everyone!
My mum has an Alma PM from a while ago but it's in the closet and she rarely wears it out! And she will definitely not sell it as it was her 50th birthday treat to herself.
Just want to seek everyone's opinion on what they use their Alma PM for, as I cannot seem to think of practical use cases! I have lent her my Speedy B strap so she can wear it over her shoulder, but the size seems a bit too big and bulky for a weekend bag. She also doesn't use it for work as the shape is quite restricting and doesn't fit enough for work essentials (she prefers a tote). Yet it fits too much for a day to day errand bag!
Looking for suggestions on what occasions you use your Alma PM :smile: I have the Alma BB myself and I find that much more practical for my lifestyle as a weekend or going out bag.


Feb 23, 2016
I think the Alma PM-(I have 3) can be used as a bag to run errands, used for dressy occasions, wear with jeans or used as an everyday bag. I love the simplicity of the Alma and I think it complements every outfit I can think of. I have many LV's but the Alma PM is my favorite.


Jul 2, 2019
My mom also has an Alma PM that she ended up giving to me because she never used it. It’s patent Empreinte so I use it on rainy days because it’s my only LV that zips and I’m not afraid of the leather getting ruined by rain.
Jun 25, 2015
Maybe try dressing it up with a bandeau- brighten it up. The alma is such a classic and really can go with any outfit or occasion. Maybe her casual weekend bag.


Feb 4, 2013
I would look through the Alma club page for inspiration. I haven’t used my handhelds in a while, as cross bodies have taken over during the pandemic, but I always wore my Alma pm as a daily bag. It really elevates any outfit. And it is bigger than my usually daily bags, but that is not a problem- better to have too much space than too little.