Alma PM vs Alma MM? Which size should I get?

  1. I wasn't a fan of the Alma, but when I saw it IRL in Vernis, I am sold! I want to get the Bleu Nuit, but I am not sure of which size.

    Alma PM: Looks a bit small on me (I think), cannot hold A4 documents, great for going out (not sure if it will be enough for work as I bring a lot of A4 docs), but within my price range now.

    Alma MM: Looks huge on me (I am only 5'2"), but roomy.

    What do you think should I get? Does anyone think that the MM size is too big? Thanks!
  2. Alma PM, MM is kind of big for a handheld imo
  3. I'd go with the PM
  4. Me too, I never like the shape of the bag until I saw it in the pomme and rose florentine.
    Iam 5'4 and is considering the PM size, I have tried holding the MM in the store and it looks too big IMO.
  5. I am 5'2 too and LOVE my alma pm - it's the perfect size for my frame and the amount of stuff I carry!
  6. I say go with the PM. It's such a great size and the MM is just so big.
  7. pm
  8. I'm 5"2 and I'm going to buy an Alma MM in Vernis ... You can wear either size (its up to you and what you love, and what you feel confident about carrying).
  9. Pm
  10. I liked the PM better
  11. I'm 5'2 & I have two Alma MM's, Love it!!!!
  12. Mm:smile:
  13. I love the MM. They always looks so dramatic when I see ladies with them. If I could carry it off, I'd buy one ASAP! :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. I have an Alma PM in Bleu Nuit and I love it. Good luck deciding!
  15. Thanks for all your responses. Please keep it coming...I'd like to hear more opinions. I literally looked at these 2 bags for half an hour at the store and I still couldn't decide!