Alma pm or mm vs amarante or beige ?

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  1. Hi ladies, I seriously need your help for my first lv bag. I am torn between the size and colour of alma. I have tried out the bag in the boutique and find that pm seems a bit small and odds when it is in amarante, I assume darker colour looks smaller than the lighter colour. What do you think? The sa told me that pm size is a bit hard to get things in and out from the bag, but it seems that the mm size looks a slightly bigger on me. I am 5 ft 4 and slim, not sure which size looks nice on me. I love both colour but not sure which one to choose, amarante is just so classic but the beige is very attractive too as you can see the glittering undertone. Please help to input suggestion, thanks!
  2. I vote for Alma PM in Amarante, I don’t think it’s too small and it’s not difficult to take things in and out, at least for me. I use a full size wallet and medium size cosmetics case.

    The MM/GM is very big and for your first bag I would avoid light colors because they're more prone to color transfer, plus Amarante is the best vernis color ever IMO :smile:

    Why don’t you try it at the store? put your things in it and see if they fit, good luck!
  3. i would say beige since its a beautiful color and is seasonal and amarante will be around for a while
    but you have to be color with color transfer and if you wear alot of jeans it will rub offf on the bag
    whatever you decide i would get the MM size
  4. My vote would be the PM

    I have a PM and I don't find it hard to get things in and out of it. It also fits a lot more than you would expect. I think the MM would look too big on you. I'm 5.5 and slim and the PM looks just right in my opinion.

    For the colour it depends on when you want to wear it most and what colour clothes you wear the most. If you mostly want to wear it for going out or you wear mostly dark clothes go with the Amarante or if you would wear it more in the day with lighter clothes go for the beige. I do really love the beige and it's limited so you might get a chance to get something in Amarante later.
  5. İ have 2 almas both in mm amarante and violete, they really stand out more and plus i dont mind the extra space... Pm is beautiful too but i think it is too small.. İ would go with mm in Amarante- suchy a beauty
  6. I have gris in pm, and I use it for special occasions.
    For an everyday bag I'd say amarante MM. For a special occasion - beige pm
  7. amarante pm. i adore mine and think it's the perfect size for me. the color goes so well with just about everything IMO.
  8. Amarante pm!!! I bought her last year and I adore her!!!! She's my absolute favorite lv bag by far.....the color goes with just about anything and it's such a rich and elegant color....the lighter vernis hues I'd advice against because of color transfer from clothing such as jeans...but it really depends on what color you love more but I vote amarante!!! I also have the pomme in mm and I love it so much but it's a bit on the large size so I'd say go for the pm!!
  9. Definitely the PM. I think it is big enough for everyday use, but I suppose it depends on what you carry with you everyday. Good luck!!
  10. Definitely alma pm in amarante..good luck deciding.
  11. I adore the amarante mm it's a gorgeus bag and you can fit a lot inside, I'm 5"7 mines fits ms well and I love it. But it does depend on your lifestyle and what you will be using it for. Try them in store again b4 making a decision. Good luck
  12. PM size in Amarante
  13. I vote for Alma PM in Amarante
  14. mm in beige
    love how classy that looks
  15. Pm Amarante