Alma PM in Ivory or Prada BN1801 in Chalk White

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  1. Hi all,

    I am debating between Alma PM in Ivory and Prada BN1801 in Chalk White. I like both bags but could not decide on which one to go for. Hence, I would like to hear any opinions from TPFers who have either or both the bags. Thanks heaps!
  2. Hi! I used to own an epi madeleine in ivory - but sold it - because I found I wasn't carrying it a lot...

    I had no issue with colour transfer or yellowing or anything like that - because epi is extremely durable. Any spills just wiped right off, and I cleaned it with a baby wipe.

    The only reason for selling it, was that I found I used my other bags more. Oh, and one more warning, the interior is also ivory and impossible to try and keep clean!!

    However, the epi ivory alma is gorgeous! But if it were me, I probably wouldn't purchase in an ivory colour again but get something in a brighter colour that pops (like fuschia!). Ivory is a good neutral, but I found I preferred bags that were brighter... Good luck deciding!
  3. I know tis is n lv forum
    But for this account, I vote for prada
  4. I vote Prada! I'm in love with that bag!
  5. Another vote for Prada! Not a fan of the Alma shape and I love the versatility of the Prada.
  6. I saw the Alma Ivory in the catalog and it's gorgeous!!! Such a classy bag.
  7. a vote for prada
  8. Alma!
  9. Alma but I am not a huge fan of white though.
  10. Alma :smile:
  11. Alma..but why white?
  12. Alma, it seems more classy and unique.
  13. I love lv alma but I prefer prada bag
  14. I vote for the Prada, good luck with your decision
  15. Thanks a lot for the details. I'm glad to hear that there is no colour transfer or yellowing issues with Epi Ivory. I love white bags and have no problem maintaining it as this is just going to be my occasional bag :smile: