Alma PM in epi dune

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  1. Hello my fellow purseforummers!

    I'm thinking of buying the alma in dune, epi. Wanted to ask those who have the light color alma in epi how the color transfer is with this bag? If I wear a black coat and wear this bag with a strap for example... Would the black rub off? Or if I'd be wearing jeans, would it rub off on the bag? If yes, is epi easy to clean? I only own black bags now so I really have no idea what to expect........ Many thanks!!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460144579.139935.jpg

    The alma in dune! Though when I went in store to look at it, it wasn't as pink...
  3. Although my lightest colored epi Alma PM is cyan, I have had black marks on it that I removed with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol didn't hurt the epi finish at all (I've used it on two epi bags and an epi slg so far, as well numerous vernis/ patent items), and the black marks came of easily. Be extra careful not to get any rubbing alcohol on the glazing, as it melts it. It seems to me that the earlier you catch the color transfer/ scuff, the easier it is to remove. A lot of TPF'ers prefer to use alcohol-free baby wipes to remove color transfer, especially if they catch it early.

    I've also got a pre-loved ivory epi key holder, and despite it seeing a good bit of use, it has no color transfer on it (well, except for where the keys rest inside, but the interior isn't epi).

    So, if I fell in love with a light colored epi Alma, I'd go for it. I'd just be a little careful with it and inspect it frequently to be on the safe side. Good luck with your decision! Epi Almas are awesome; I have three right now.
  4. The Alma PM in Epi Dune is one of my absolute favorites! It's such an elegant, versatile color. I'd be careful when wearing dark denim, but you need to be careful with everything when wearing dark denim. My SA told me if I ever had color transfer on my SC PM in Galet ( a light color), to bring it in. They have something in the store to remove it.

    I think Epi Dune is gorgeous and Alma is my favorite LV style. I'd vote to get it! Good luck deciding.

  5. Do you maybe have a mod shot also of your alma in valet? I can't seem to find any nice mod shots in Google from the lighter colors!

  6. Thanks for all the info! I'll be sure to be careful with the glazing and rubbing alcohol!! I wanted to get the alma in dune as an every day bag, because it's so sturdy. It's quite a hassle to be so scared that my clothes will get stains on the bag haha, I already am so ocd about my stuff if it even has a tiny scratch or whatever, I can't stand it, so I always baby my stuff!
  7. Oh I just bought that exact same bag! I've only worn it once- and with light clothing--so I don't know about color transfer. It is SO gorgeous though. I can't stop staring at it! I did not purchase the strap and wore it handheld but I think I will get the strap. I like to have the option of throwing it over my shoulder if need be. I'm curious what others will say about the color transfer but I have to be honest--the bag is so beautiful I'm willing to baby it a little. :tender:
  8. I also want to get the strap! I prefer getting straps with all my bags because I want to avoid putting it on the floor as much as I can do you maybe have a mod shot? Haha I'm desperate to see some!
  9. I don't have any modeling shots of my Sofia Coppola PM in Galet, but it's a light colored leather and I wore it most of this past winter and with denim a lot. No issues. I don't have the Alma, but I was considering an Epi Alma PM in Dune as a Spring/ Summer bag. It's so beautiful and refined. It's definitely a neutral beige in real life. My SA said the way the Epi takes the color may cause it to have pink undertones or pull pink, but I didn't really see it. I wouldn't hesitate to get this beautiful classic.