Alma PM in Cacao

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  1. Hello ladies!

    Quick question - can anyone comment on the scarcity of the Alma PM in Cacao (and the Cacao color in general)?

    I went to LV today with a friend who was purchasing a wallet. I have a card holder in Cacao and love, love, love the color. In the back of my mind, I anticipated buying a bag in this color and have been patiently waiting for them to produce more than the Alma in it with no luck. Today I asked the SA to see the Alma and liked it much more than I thought I would. She indicated that Cacao is fairly rare, that the bag I was holding was the store's only Cacao Alma and that they would have to order the strap becaues they'd never had one in stock.

    Any truth to this and any rumors that Cacao will be discontinued soon? I could buy now if I thought this bag (or any additional bags in Cacao) won't be around come May.

  2. Oh!! I actually tried this bag on at the end of the summer. Its very very pretty. My SA said they were discontinuing it. My advice is , if you want it buy it now!!!!!!
  3. ^^ I agree purchase it fast if you really want it!!!
  4. I love the Alma. I think this color is going away though so get it asap. :smile:
  5. Ahh that's the response I was afraid I'd get. I do wonder if they will replace cacao with another brown, although this particular shade is probably my "ideal" brown. Thanks, ladies!