Alma PM in Bleu Nuit or Amarante

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  1. Alma PM in Bleu Nuit or Amarante

    I am in love with Alma despite friends telling me that it looks like a bowling bag. Just I am not too sure which colour to get. I love both of these colours.
    which colour does u guys think is more versatile that is easier to match with clothes and get out of style.

    I am open to any opinion.

    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. Amarante! I think it goes with more and the color is chameleon-like. In the sun it looks like black cherry, and other times it looks black.:graucho:
  3. Blue Nuit. I have found it very very versatile.
  4. UGGG that's such a tough one. I love the bleu nuit color and because of the color of blue, I really feel like it goes with everything, I feel the same way about the Amarante as well though! For me personally though, I feel like I could dress up the Amarante if I needed to, easier than I could the Bleu nuit, so in that way, I feel like the amarante is a more versatile color....Don't know how much help I was! Good luck with your decision!
  5. Amarante
  6. I like both! If I had to choose one I would say the bleu because I think it goes great with anything, especially denim.

    Eventually, I would have to get the amarante as well :smile:
  7. I have an amarante alma and love it. I got it before bleu nuit was available. If I had to pick I am not sure which one I would pick. I love the bleu so much I had to get something in it. I got the wlishire in bleu.

    I think bleu is just a hair ahead of amarante
  8. I would choose amarante since it looks like black in dim light...can use when dressed up.
  9. Amarante!
  10. I vote for Bleu Nuit - I hope to add Alma PM in Bleu Nuit to my collection soon!
    GL deciding, I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  11. Definitely Amarante!!! I love bleu as well but i just think it looks gorgeous in the amarante! GL deciding! :tup:
  12. Amarante gets my vote
  13. Amarante! Such a gorgeous color!
  14. I think both of them are GREAT choices, and I understand why it's so hard to choose!!

    I'd go for Amarante though - because I personally love Amarante! :heart:
    Such a GORGEOUS and as many said, it is such a LOVELY colour out in the sun!
    I can't wait to take her out when it's sunny! ^_^
  15. I like amarante better