Alma PM in black patent leather?

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2010
    I love the epi Alma in the shinier black patent leather type finish, but they seem to stock it only in the MM size. Anyone know if they will ever have it in the smaller regular Alma size?
  2. oops, I meant MM...they call the bigger size the MM
  3. Are you talking about the epi electric or the amarante (which is a really dark cherry color)?
  4. Are you referring to the vernis? If so it does not come in black! If you see a vernis Alma in black it's fake ! And the Alma are discontinued in the GM sizes! The only black Alma is in the epi line which is an mm size!
  5. sorry, i need to clarify...the epi! NOT vernis...sorry to be so's like when you have something on your mind for so long, you forget to explain things clearly so ppl can understand :smile:
  6. Does the Alma MM epi leather come in red (rubis)? I'm having a debate with a guy friend. It's made in 2007. I thought it only comes in glossy patent black.
  7. the experts can answer as to whether or not in 2007 they made them in a variety of colors, but from what i know the alma currently is stocked in many colors. yes, it does come in rubis. and older ones i have seen in black and red, yes. that may include 2007. the older ones tend to have gold hardware though, as opposed to the more recent ones that have silver toned.
  8. The MM is a new size, so it was not available in 2007 to the best of my knowledge.