Alma PM in Amarante or Rose Florentin??

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  1. Help me choose! I love how the Rose Florentin is so chic and feminine but I'm afraid of the color transfer. The Amarante is super gorgeous and it'll go with anything. What should I do??
  2. The Rose color is soooo gorgeous. I think I would be afraid of transfer too. How about getting the Alma in Amarante and the Wilshire Blvd in Rose?!
  3. I agree; it is VERY chic! I fear the color transfer also, though. The amarante color is soooo perfect for the Alma shape. If you have a lot of bags to alternate, go for the Rose. If you're going to wear it regularly, get the amarante ;)
  4. I would go for Amarante :biggrin:
    Good luck deciding!
  5. Amarante for sure, it's great for summer and winter!
  6. Amarante!

    I had the exact same situation to choose between the Rose or Amarante in the Alma PM for my b-day present last week. I picked Amarante at the end because several people in the store said Amarante looks better. Initally I kinda toward to the Rose color because it is very cute, girly and summery but I am afraid the Rose will be too outdated to use again later in few years.
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    Which bag/slg are you going for?

    Just realized in the title... sorry! For Alma PM, I'd go for the Rose Florentin.
  8. amarante for sure!!!!
  9. My heart says Rose. However, if it is your first alma, then amarante.

    I am not worried about colour transfer just worried about discolouration.
    But still went for rose --- >Here's my pic for you :P

  10. Amarante!:yahoo: The rose is gorgeous...but it gets dirty so fast. I have an agenda in a similar color to the rose and I'm struggling to get the scuff marks off.
  11. Rose Florentin. The color is really growing on me & since spring/summer is coming it'll be perfect!
  12. If the RF were a little bit more pinker vs beige I'd say go for it but since it's not, definitely get the Amarante. That color will always look hot.
  13. Amarante!
  14. If you have a lot of bags to alternate - Rose for sure... I love rose in alma (its the only shape i like it in) Saw it today IRL... I prefered it over the amarante which was so harsh... but if this is going to be an everyday bag - amarante all the way (which is what i want to buy, because i dont have many bags to alternate between) :sad:
  15. Amarante! the Rose Florentine, just does not have the WOW factor.. :nogood: