alma pictures!

  1. does anyone have any pictures of their alma's "on"?

    i did a board search and checked the sticky thread but no luck. i'm trying to narrow down my birthday present to myself (out of like 10 things...yikes!)

    thanks!! :flowers:
  2. ask irene, she has a pic i think. let me see if i can pull it up for ya!
  3. oh here we go again :lol:

  4. NEVER MIND!!!:lol:
  5. yep the ones sandra posted up are it! (thanks sandra i had no idea where they were haha)
  6. Sandra, you are makig me :lol:!!!
  7. yay pictures...but if someone's done this thread already i'll go look harder! :yes::biggrin:
  8. There should be some in the "visual aids" sticky.:smile:
  9. wonder how i missed that? :noggin:
  10. had one too many drinks maybe?!? ilabet

    hahahha jk
  11. too early...but depending on the night, that's probably not too far off the mark! :biggrin:
  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. damn. i really didn't search well at all....

    *note to self: six pages back is not enough!*
  14. It's mono one :
    DSC04014.JPG DSC04017.JPG DSC04018.JPG
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