Alma or Trouville?

  1. So this will be my senior year in high school an its definitely come down to those two bags but now I can't decide! I love them both especially the trouville but not sure if it will be big enough to fit books in. I'm about 5'7/5'8. Which one would you go for?
  2. Are we talking MC or Monogram. Hopefully MC, I vote Trouville in MC, I love the Alma in MC also but I prefer the Trouville!
  3. regardless of what line, i prefer the Trouville. the shape of the Alma bugs me.

    the Trouville will fit small books, like an agenda, but if you want big books then you should probably think of a shoulder bag, like the Batignolles Horizontal :yes:.
  4. I would go for the trouville, it has more room and I love the shape...but you also have to keep in mind that wont fit large books, like sandra said, if you are looking for something more for school I'd go with a shoulder bag
  5. Yes, it depends on how much you need to carry. The trouville doesn't really open very wide at the top for easy in/out of books. You may consider some kind of tote-style bag.

    And if you are loading the bag up with books, it may get heavy! How about an LV backpack (Montsouris or Mabillon)?
  6. I like the trouville better than the alma. I don't like that big, wide, bottom of the alma. But, like the others said, if you are going to put school books in it, then you should think about a shoulder tote.
  7. I'm not really a fan of backpacks:shrugs: I think I'll go with a shoulder bag, maybe the batignolles like yeuxhonnetes mentioned:yahoo:

  8. I like the trouville much more than the alma but I must say oddly, IMO trouville is one of those bags that for some reason look exceptionally better in the multicolor than the monogram. I think its that large patch of leather at the top of the monogram that throws it off the MC doesn't have that. Now that you mention the Batignolles. I think the Batignolles Horizontal would be perfect for your purposes if you do not mind the absence of a zipper. You are tall enough so it would look great on you! Plus the shoulder straps would make it much easier to carry than by hand.
  9. Alma vote here!!! :biggrin:
  10. IMO, the Trouville would look nicer on a young lady.
  11. Alma :love:
    Are you looking at Mc or mono ?
  12. I vote for the Alma, esp. if we are talking about Multi Canvas.
  13. I love the Alma. That will hopefully be my next LV (in Nomade). :love:
    For school I probably would get a shoulder bag. :flowers:
  14. i'm voting for the Trouville :love: its such a beautiful bag!!!
  15. The Trouville is TDF! But yes, agreed for books something like a BH is better, especially since it will get heavy with books.