Alma or Speedy? Help me decide in next few hours before price increase....please :-)


Nov 15, 2007
I would like to add either the Mono Speedy 30 or the Alma in Damier to my collection today, before the price goes up. But I can't decide which one.... please help....

It would be for everyday use. I do have a Speedy 30 in Damier and Azur .... no alas no Speedy 30 in mono ....

But...... I do like the look of the Alma ..... Tell me which one do you like the best for everyday use.....

Thank you!!!!!!!
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Jan 3, 2008
what about you wait for the new vernis alma? for now get the mono speedy... hehe.. cuz when the vernis alma is first launched its price is "original" price of the bag.. so it'll make you feel better when that price goes up after LV's numerous price increases