alma or neverfull + eva

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  1. Hi ladies

    I have trevi pm and want a new one in damier ebone.

    What should I have between alma or neverfull + eva?

    pls! help me choose

    thx :yahoo:
  2. I'm not a huge fan of the Alma in anything but vernis, so if you are looking to get something else in the damier ebene pattern I would go for a NF and an Eva. That combo of bags would be great, an everday tote plus a small purse for going out, or to use on days when you don't have a lot to carry! Good Luck with your decision!
  3. neverfull and eva
  4. ^^^ ita
  5. ITA!! Get the neverfull and the eva. You'll get two nicer bags (IMO) rather than one.
  6. Get the NF & Eva
  7. Neverfull + Eva!
  8. NF + Eva. Two totally different bags spanning the various situations you would use them.
  9. NF and Eva
  10. Everything she said!
  11. Neverfull and Eva ;)

    At one point I was interested to get an Ebene Alma; however the Alma the SA showed me from the shelf had a deep scratch underneath along the base; in my view from what I saw, the plain brown base it not practical/wearable and it put me off Almas in general!
  12. NF and Eva, I think they are both great bags!!!!
  13. NF and Eva! Not a great fan of Alma but I love the BB in vernis.
  14. Go for the NF and the Eva! You can carry the Eva in the NF when your traveling, and use it for an evening bag! Plus, you get two gorgeous bags!
  15. nf and eva......