Alma or Lockit plus accessory??

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1 Big Bag or 2 Smaller things...

  1. Epi Alma in black

  2. Epi Lockit in black + Epi card holder / Ludlow

  3. Epi Lockit in black + Damier/Mono Mini Pochette

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    I can't make up my mind...I have an Epi Madelaine GM. Loving it so much so I need something Epi again! Thinking about Alma or Lockit plus a small accessory.

    Alma...bag is very light, but tempted to store many things in it. Will it get heavy? Also is it too serious-looking? I'm not usually very dressy...but it does look much more elegant. 2 it hard to open bag and find things inside while holding the bag with another hand?

    Or should I spend the same amt to get lockit + an accessory (Epi Card Holder or mini pochette)?? Do you think the lockit is elegant enough too? Do you think it's worth it to get accessory or just spend on a bigger bag?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Alma in Epi is my FAVOURITE!!!!!!!

    usually with two zippers i dont zip it all the way just leave a small opening
    and when i need somethign its easier to open
  3. Epi Lockit in black + Damier/Mono Mini Pochette
  4. I would go for the Lockit and a Damier Mini Pochette!
  5. My vote is Alma. It's so classic and beautiful!
  6. Lockit!
  7. I like choice #3.

    I prefer the Epi Alma in different colors.
  8. I'm a big fans of Epi lines. It's just different from the others.
  9. I voted for the Lockit & mini pochette :smile:
  10. I vote for choice 3.
  11. Voted for #2 ... I think the card holder or Ludlow would be a great accessory for the Lockit.
  12. oh why these both.....but have you tried the Ludlow???? l found it to small for my needs......l want to say Alma, do have something to use with it ???? if you do Alama.....if not option 3.....oh my brain hurts .....we need to know what you decided he he xxx
  13. ALMA :yes:
  14. I voted #3. I have the lock-it in Ivory and I love it to death. You can dress up or down with that bag. It looks great with a suit, jeans, gress and shorts. I broke my record this week by taking the lock-it to work Monday to Friday. I normally switch and use 2 to 3 LVs to work a week.
  15. Alma!