Alma or Ellipse?

  1. Hi everyone. I recently bought a Speedy 30, which I like alot. I prefer handheld bags, and I want my next bag to be more structured. I find the shape of the Alma very classy and streamlined while the Ellipse is classy and unique, but I don't know which I prefer.:shrugs: Do any of you have strong opinions either way?
  2. I like the Alma better :yes:
    Which size of the Ellipse are you thinking of?
  3. I'm more of an Alma vote.

    If you do end up getting an Ellipse, get a MM. :biggrin:
  4. I prefer the alma.
  5. Out of the two, I much prefer the Alma. The Ellipse has always reminded me of a bowling bag - and I see fakes of it all the time.
  6. Alma :smile:
  7. I prefer the Alma... it's so elegant!
  8. The lone voice of dissent - I prefer and have the Ellipse!
  9. One thing you could do is look at both being modeled in the visuals thread. That's how I realized I liked the look of the ellipse pm although it's not on my wishlist. I personally am not an alma fan bec. of the leather bottom, even though I baby my bags and probably would never ruin it, just knowing I had to be hyperaware of it would make me antsy. I'm glad you brought this up though bec. I was wondering what the reception for the ellipse is, I feel like it's not considered such a hot bag anymore despite my liking it. Of the 3 friends I email to ask them what bag to get, all 3 were lukewarm to the ellipse.
  10. My vote is for the alma.
  11. I vote for the alma too and if you are worried about the base get a damier or epi one;)
  12. Eliipse, less worry about the bottom of the bag. Now saying that I have both :smile: I have ha the alma for about 3/4 years now, but had no idea about the ellipse until coming here.
    I had seen it on elux im sure but paid no attention to it. But after seeing LVbabydoll and Irene with theirs i was sold and bought it.

    I love it! its a bag i don't i'll sell.
  13. One vote for ALMA...looks classic, roomy and functional.
  14. I say the ellipse too. I've wanted one for forever!
  15. I've owned both and used Ellipse more often than Alma. I love both but Ellipse gets my vote in this case.:yes: