alma or artsy?!

Sep 25, 2010
hello all, its about that decision making time!
and as always i turn to my lovely tpf members :yes:
i want another lv bag..
but im torn between the artsy empriente infiniti or a alma mm amarante
now my collections includes
alma mm pomme
delightful mm
neverfull mm
speedy 35 in mono and azur....

BUT i also plan on getting a chanel maxi flap in black or beige( im still debating on the color so if you can help with this id appreciate ur opinion as well) and a celine phantom in stamped croc leather..

now with that said, should i get another alma or a artsy?
Aug 18, 2010
Oh wow, this is a tough one. I love the amarante alma (i have the pm), so i am biased. However, since you already have a vernis alma mm, i would go with the artsy since you do not have anythin empreinte yet.

For the maxi, black with ghw!

Good luck deciding!