Alma Multicolore color transfer?

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  1. Hi,
    I bought a week ago my Alma Multicolore in white. I read that some multicolor bags have a problem: the red linen inside transfers its colour to the canvas out. This problem for speedy and Trouville. Please could I ask to all the Alma Multicolore in white owners that have this problem to?
    Thank you!;)
  2. I have an Alma in MC from 2004. Other than vachetta darkening I have no issues. I took this picture (see attached) last week.

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  3. I believe this was also an issue with the Mini HL in white, but I haven't heard/seen any MC almas with the same problem.
  4. Nope. No problem with my MC white Trouville since 2004 ;)
  5. I don't have this problem, my Alma is 5 years old. I think that I have seen a post here that it happened to one member and LV exchanged it.
  6. ^Same here. I got mine in 04 and don't have any problems either.
    I do remember also a thread about a Speedy that had this problem...I think it was fixed not long after though.
  7. i dont have much knowledge in color transferring facts in Multicolor, but well i hope it doesnt happen and you should call 866 and find out their policy on it.