Alma MM available?? (NOT the PM/GM!!)

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  1. I was just browsing around online and apparently the Alma now is finally available in the medium size!! IS THIS REALLY TRUE? I checked it's size, and the measurement is indeed between those of the PM and the GM. Please confirm!
  2. It is
  3. Yes it came out a few months ago, perfect size IMO :smile: my SA said the shape might've changed slightly though
  4. This is great news.. I've been out of the bag world for almost half a year now! A new temptation is hitting me... :s
  5. Yes, the Alma is now in the MM size. Isn't it wonderful? Although I'm getting along okay with my Epi PM I'm also thrilled the MM is back.

    I think you should get one. Right? Hehe
  6. Yes it is true! Now go out and get one ;)
  7. Anyone got size comparisons between the PM and the MM??
  8. I saw one in store and Gorgeous
  9. Yeah, I think it's great they have the damier ebene in the MM now.
  10. It's true and I love it!!!
  11. +1