Alma mini owners?

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  1. 73FE0257-75ED-4DC9-8FAE-FA75D0D353E8.png I haven’t seen a whole lot about this little cutie.... what do y’all think?
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  3. It’s been out for a while now. I went to look at it when it was released but the strap in my opinion seemed to short to wear crossbody and it doesn’t detach
  4. Not being able to detach the strap stinks
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  5. I thought this bag was so adorable and I jumped at the chance to get it preloved at a good price. When I finally got it in my hands, it was a no go for me. I wanted a crossbody, but since I'm 5'9 and curvy, it comes right under my boob. Not a flattering look at all. Too bad, because it's really cute and can fit all the basics (iphone+, small wallet, keys, and lipstick)
  6. Cute but non-detachable semk chain strap made it impossible to love. And for the price point, best to go with an alma bb.
  7. I think it’s more a shoulder bag than a crossbody bag.
  8. Yeah, I understand that. I was just looking for a crossbody, though. I thought it would have been cute if it was a crossbody.
  9. I looked at this bag when it first launched and was underwhelmed. I would look at the Alma BB instead.
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