Alma: Keep the lock on or leave it at home?

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  1. For those of you with Almas, do you keep your locks on the zipper or do you leave it at home? I love the way the lock looks, but it makes the zipper a little harder to pull and it adds weight. I am thinking about leaving it at home.

    Do you usually see women with their locks on or off? Will my bag look naked without it?:rolleyes: :lol:
  2. I took my lock off. It was just easier that way...
  3. My Alma doesn't have a lock but I keep it on my Ellipse.:smile:
  4. I left it at home because no D ring inside the bag for the keys..
  5. That really sucks, doesn't it? The inside of the Mono Alma looks so incomplete to me. :sad:
  6. I have an Epi Alma and I keep the lock on the bottom pull and only use the other pull, that way you arent yanking at the lock.

  7. Selena, great idea!:supacool:
  8. i do the same thing. my lock is on the bag, but on the zipper i don't use