Alma in Myrtille...

  1. My first post in the LV portion of the forum. I had alway thought myself a Chloe girl, but since seeing the picture of the Alma for the 1 year contest, I'm smitten!!:heart: :love: :heart: I live in the boonies so I have to buy online, and I really like the Alma in Myrtille that eluxury currently has. I'm a newbie to LV, so I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you experts can help me with....

    I like a structured bag, but I read a couple of comments on the Forum that this bag is more for the 50+ crowd. Is that the standard thought on this? Also, the bag seems classy, and professional--is it too much to carry on a day to day basis? I don't own a blue bag, and was thinking the blue would be nice with jeans, but I usually wear a darker wash denim--is mixing the two a huge fashion faux-pas? This is only my second high end bag. Should I be looking for a more subdued neutral?

    Finally, I'm what is delicately called "hippy". I've always carried a short shoulder bag--something that avoids hitting my body where my beam is most broad. If I carried this bag in the crook of my arm, what's that going to do to the dimensions of the ample asset??

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. Lily, welcome to tPF and LV sub forum!:flowers:
    I would def. NOT put Alma in "over 50" category. Absolutely NOT! Myrtille epi is a GORGEOUS color and the bag looks STUNNING in it! I think if you want to wear it with jeans, it would look FANTASTIC!!! You can always buy a strap to wear with the bag if you are used to shoulder bags.:idea: Here is a pic of the bag worn on the crook of the arm (there are more in the Visual Aids sticky). I hope this helps.
    alma.JPG alma4.JPG
  3. The Alma is a great bag for every age IMO. I'm 21 and have the black MC one... but I'm also thinking about the Mono.
    Myrtille would be a great choice IMO, it will look awesome w/ jeans.

  4. I feel guilty now since I just posted that thought today :shame: to set things straight, I adore the shape of the Alma but in my area for some freaking reason every 50+ woman seems to carry a brown Monogran Alma, so that's they reason why I never would get that exact bag.

    But luckily there are so many beautiful materials to choose from. I love the blue and red epis. :love:
  5. It's classier so I see where you're coming from but people under 50 rock with it! You'll never know unless you try seeing yourself carry it!
  6. I love when the Almas have bandeaus tied on them. I think the Myrtille is a great color that can be casual or add a subtle punch of color to a dressier outfit. Classic shape & one of the best as far as being able to access things in your bag. This is not a big black hole type of bag, the structured bottom & wide opening lets you see everything that is inside. Epi looks better & better the more you use it too. Great bag & not stodgy at all.
  7. I love the Alma! You can rock it- GET IT GET IT! LOL

    I am such an enabler!
  8. definitely not, i like to have the alma in epi black but myrtille is a lovely color too which i will consider if i do not want a black bag. i will say get it before it disappears because this is a discountinued color and u cannot buy this color in the alma style on LV online anymore.
  9. This bag is suitable for all ages. I think it can be carried as a daily bag.
  10. i think the same way as u, but the vanetta part of the alma (bottom) always defect to blue because of the denim.:sad:
    how can u solve it?:confused1: i saw yours look really new:heart: , did u just purchase?
  11. vachetta
  12. No, my Alma is three years old and I use it often in the summer. I live in jeans and didn't really have a problem with that. Are you speaking from personal experience? I am just wondering, maybe it matters on the wash of the denim. I am just guessing. Can you tell me more, please?
  13. I think the Alma is ageless and if you like it you should go for it. If you wear it and decide it's not for you, then you can get something else.

    I have seen this bag IRL and it's so beautiful and I think it does go with everything. I work in a Professional atmosphere and would carry it to work but I am a jeans girl at home and I would wear it on the weekends.

    Good Luck!