Alma in Monogram Vernis

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  1. Can't wait for the Vernis Alma to be released. I only wish they could release the Speedy and Keepall in Vernis. A Speedy 30 or Keepall 55 in Amarante would be :drool: don't you think?
  2. When will the Vernis Alma be released?
  3. ooo how i would love the alma speedy and keepall in vernis!!!!!
  4. For a moment, I thought you had it...Yes, can't wait to see this hot bag.
  5. i think in june/july

    here are some pics i found on the forum.


    you guys should do a search. :smile:
  6. Yes its a shame that they don't make more pieces in Vernis, but hopefully the alma will only be one of many new items being offered in Vernis.
  7. I was told a release date of June and that they are trying to introduce more variety of items in vernis since it is such a successful line.
  8. Ooooh so pretty! I really love this! Thanks for sharing!
  9. The Alma in Pomme is TDF :drool:
  10. i really dont know why they are so strict with the SOs. I mean i understand the work and the possibility of mistakes due to the material BUT COME ON!

  11. Yess!! I know they released Speedy in Monogram Vernis in Japan for a limited time. I simply don't get why they release items specifically to Japan only. It's so unfair. :crybaby:I'm still secretly hoping for a Vernis Keepall 55 someday.
  12. i like how its purely patent leather with no contrasting pale vachetta. makes it even more stunning. i think they're releasing a Vernis Alma to test how the market responds to it. i wouldn't be surprised if a Speedy and Lockit will follow next. if im not mistaken, the Japanese make up 60% of the entire sales of LV. the Japan exclusives are a way of thanking them.
  13. I'm a big fan of the Alma - can't wait to see it in vernis.
  14. Its simply gorgeous! I love vernis!
  15. They have in Keepall style, it's Mercer but it's in size 45.

    Yes, yes, amarante will be great :drool: