Alma in Damier or Epi Myrtille????

  1. I LOVE the Myrtille, but is the Damier more practical? I wear jeans or khakis mostly. If anyone has an opinion...I can never make up my mind so...HELP:confused1:
  2. I personally love the Myrtille, the other day at LV i saw the Segur in this epi color, it was TDF!!!
  3. Either one is a great choice! If you want the bag to go with jeans AND khakis, go for damier!:yes:
  4. Now I need a third person to break the tie!!!
  5. I love either! If you don't already have a Damier bag I vote for that one because I :heart: the Damier Alma!
  6. Damier would probably be more practical with jeans. But you really can't go wrong either way!!!! :yes:
  7. Thanks! Damier then. My husband likes the Damier too...I guess he'll really appreciate that I needed other opinions first :smile:...The blue is pretty too though-- so I have to NEVER look at that Eluxury site again!
  8. What a question - I love them both! Can't help you...
  9. myrtille! i think the alma looks gorgeous in epi.
  10. chant: damier damier damier!!!
  11. Both are GORGEOUS bags. You can't go wrong with either, but if you love the Epi, get that one!
  12. I love the myrtille blue alma. For damier I'd get a speedy.
  13. even though the shape of the Alma irritates me, i think it looks better in Damier. somewhat classier and would go with everything :yes:
  14. LOL Yeux....I agree...the Damier Alma is what I would go with:smile:
  15. yeah, I've got Damier Alma on my short list so that's my vote!
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