Alma in DA???

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  1. I'm sure no one really has an answer for this, but why is the Alma not available in the DA print? I would love to have one in that print and I'm sure it would look amazing! Just venting... :smile:
  2. You can buy the Alma in Damier Ebene

    Here's mine!
  3. I wonder about this too! I thought maybe because it might look too light but the noe has a similar amount of vachetta and looks nice in DA... Weird! Maybe they'll listen to our requests and make one!
  4. I think it would be so fresh and chic!
  5. Thanks starbunny... She is beautiful. I have my Speedy in DE so I would rather have the Alma in DA.
  6. I actually looked into the Noe but I'm not fond of the drawstring opening. So I think the Alma would be perfect for me. I hope they decide to make one soon!
  7. That's exactly what I'm thinking!
  8. Same, I like the noe on others but it's not for me personally. But the print looks so pretty and summery and that has a vachetta bottom so it helps me picture the alma and I think it'd look so cute. With a pretty bandeau too! Mmm

  9. The drawing opening is actually easier to get into because you can make it loosely tied. The alma however you need to put it down and use both hands to unzip. That said noe is more casual and alma is more lady like and dressier.
  10. I actually love the way noe looks and actually tried it on but for some reason it just wasnt for me.
  11. Ooh that does sound yummy! Thanks for making me want one even more. :smile:
  12. OMG LOL I thought you wrote DE not DA :lolots:

    I wish for a DA Alma too!
  13. I wish for a DA delightful!!!!
  14. Me too :smile:
  15. Ooohh that's a good idea also!