Alma in Azur

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  1. Hi everyone I'm not sure if this thread exists already, but I was wondering why don't Louis Vuitton manufacture an alma in damier azur?
  2. Have no idea. Maybe they will get azur alma out in future
  3. i actually never thought of it good question..maybe it would be too much vachetta for the DA print besides the handles
  4. there are couple of bags lv makes first in mono than tries de and lastly if theres demand tries da
  5. I know right?! I get irritated when I see a style I love but would like it in a different print!

    Can't wait til they release the Totally, Saracusa, and Montaigne (this one may be a while) in DE!
  6. Whoa! They're releasing the Siracusa in DE?!?!?
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you.

    I was just saying that if and when they do, I'd totally get them. Maybe I should edit my post.