ALMA for 5'3 ers..

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  1. Hi Everyone!!! I love LV :love:and Lately I've been liking the look of the MC Black Alma.. but im only 5'3 3/4... close to 5'4...:idea: do you think the Alma would look silly on me? If you anyone has any pics of them with their alma.. please show me.. :biggrin: Or opinions on the alma.. and is the leather bottom super high maintenance?? Thanks a bunch!! (sorry I couldnt get this to post in the purse topic.. please help me move this over there)
  2. I don't think so at all, I kind of like the funky look of a smaller girl carrying a larger bag. Also, it ultimately depends on how comfortable and how much you like the look with the bag, you should go and try it out in the store.
  3. Lol I took this for another forum where someone wanted to see different bags on people..I'm about 5'2 by the way.
  4. As for the bottom, don't set it on anything wet. If you notice the bottom of mine, right after I got it, I set it on the little shelf in the bathroom on what I thought was just a paper towel, but it was actually one of those wet nap things. Ugh. It didn't make *too* big of a difference, but just so you know, I got this bag in about March or April 2004 and carried it a LOT. The vachetta, IMO, is still decent. :smile:
  5. That looks totally fine on you probably have nothing to worry about...
  6. LVbabydoll, I love your mandarin epi jasmin! :love: Is is hard to match outfits with?
  7. Thanks! :biggrin: Sometimes it is but I tend to use it when I'm wearing a white top/sweater/jacket and jeans, or even an orange top..I just try not to get too matchy matchy with the one shirt I like wearing it with is more of a burnt orange and actually looks great with the bag. The one color I tend to stay away from wearing when I carry it is black..too Halloween lol. Otherwise, I'm so into my bags, I'll buy my clothing pieces according to what matches them lol.
  8. Aww, that's cute! :lol:
  9. Thanks everyone for your help.. LVbabydoll It looks great on you!!.. and you dont even have shoes on :biggrin: You have a lot of cute bags in that pic.. :love: Im gonna think about it some more.. cause I saw the metallic LV speedy and that is super cute too.. so many cute bags and soo little time.. I know the MC came out in '03.. do you guys think its better to wait for the new stuff?
  10. I'm about your same size, I have the Alma Demier and it looks faboulous. I think that you will look fine.

    Lvbabydoll, I love the speddy.
  11. Its awesome, I have one .. Go for it. :love:

  12. I'm the same height as you. You can pull off carrying an Alma for sure! It won't look too big for you. And like everyone said, be careful where you set it down.
  13. Luv the Alma.. get it!!
  14. the alma would be nice.