Alma Experts

  1. I asked a questions about a week ago should I get the Epi Alma or Speedy in black. The Alma won! I have been carrying it for a little while. Any suggestions on how to arrange my things because I have several checkbooks and they get turned upside down and receipts fall out and the checks can get bent. I guess you can tell I carry alot in a purse. Scaling down just doesn't work for me. I thought about getting the zipper wallet but I think it is too big for the Alma. Is their anyone who knows how to organize the Alma and it stays in place. Or should I exchange it for the speedy. The purse looks absolutely fabulous. Please help!
  2. It sounds to me that you should have gone with the Sac Plat!!! I carry a lot of papers with me too and on the days that I carry my Alma, I run into the same problem. I am actually considering Sac Plat for all my papers. I don't think speedy would be any better in this situation because it's harder to get things in and out of it (at least I find it harder).
  3. How about a Purseket? I have the small and drop in Purseket which is great for arranging all of my stuff.
  4. Congrats on the alma! Sound like you need a wallet or a pochette acessory to keep all those checkbooks in. I love the fillability of the alma. GOOD LVCK!