Alma Epi Gold interesting or not ???

  1. Hi Girls !!!
    I'm new in this part of the Forum (I'm Balenciaga Girl;)since 2 monthes )
    But before loving B-bag, I was a LV Addict :graucho: (Alma, Pont Neuf, Lussac, Nolita 24h, etc...almost 30 bags, suitcases or small maroquinerie in my LV Collection.)

    I have a Gold Epi Alma, in very good conditions :it's always been in my closet. The reason is that I figured that the color is not really me (I'm a black or dark colours kinda person) and it's just sitting in the closet.

    Can I have your views on whether my Gold Epi Alma is a rare find and could interest someone? Would you think I could propose it on eBay???
    I didn't think anyone would want it, but would I be wrong?
  2. The gold is lovely. Is it discontinued? I'm sure someone would love to snap it up if you are not keen to keep it.
  3. *waves her hand frantically* me me me!!!
  4. I've never seen a gold epi Alma. Do you mind posting pics? I would love to see. :nuts:
  5. Cipango Gold is a beautiful color and in Alma it must be a jaw dropping. The color has been discontinued for a while now but you can still find things some in better shape than other. You might be able to find a collector or someone that loves the color.
  6. Cipango is beautiful color..I love to see the pic of your alma
  7. I love cipango gold...especially an alma! I'm sure you would have no problem selling it.
  8. pics please ....
  9. Here's one I borrowed from ebay ...


    It is gorgeous. :girlsigh:
  10. I would love to have one!!:yes:
  11. That is a beautiful bag. I don't think you would have any problem selling it.
  12. I love Cipango Gold! It is my very favorite Epi color. I have a pochette in Cipango Gold - I put it up for sale recently because I never use it, but then I changed my mind. I was afraid I'd miss it and never find another!
  13. I love it, the gold color remind me the hermes gold.
  14. I also like the color alot, but I've seen that bag on eBay for a while now (keeps getting relisted). of course the BIN price may be too high.
  15. I think if the bag is mint it should do well on eBay or any high end consignment shop. Good luck with your sale!:flowers:
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