Alma: Electric Epi or Vernis Amaranto??

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  1. i'm looking for a timeless piece that fits a chic formal style with an edgy twist. I love the glossy finish & both of them have it. I like the color of amaranto, it's quite unique but i don't really like the LV initials all over it. Electric epi is more subtle but the color is slightly less appealing.
    i can't quite decide... any suggestions?
    which one is easier to take care of & lasts longer?
  2. the epi electric!! It's so cute! It's edgy, fun and does not have the monogram all over so that should fit your "formal" needs and it IS edgy...good luck on whatever you choose :smile:
  3. I love the Electric Epi Alma! I vote for it. I have a pic of it in my Avatar
  4. Love the Epi Electric. The Amarante is pretty but too much trouble dealing with the fingerprints. Those prints make it look dull so you have to keep wiping it.
  5. I say Amarante. Not really a fan of the electric which only comes in MM, whereas I prefer PM.
  6. I agree with Heidiho! hate amarante for the fingerprint issue! Love Epi electric, that gets my vote hands down:biggrin:
  7. Epi Electric! I sold my vernis amarante to buy the electric:biggrin:
  8. Vernis!!!!
  9. I like both of those Alma's equally, but it sounds like the Alma in Epi electric would better suit your needs. That electric epi material is SO gorgeous, I have a wallet and a zcp and I love them both! Good luck with your decision!
  10. Epi electric No doubt!
  11. Another vote for Epi Electric!
  12. electric!
  13. Definitely epi electric!
  14. epi electric is veryyy edgy + classic... but ive read some reviews of the "patent"ness on the electric chipping or dulling so i would ask your SA how the bag would hold up + the warranty on it.
  15. Epi electric!