Alma dilemma! PM or BB...

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  1. Yesterday I went to my local LV to ask if they had any vernis Almas in rose florentin... Turns out they only had the MM in stock, which is much too big for me. But I did make a reservation on both the PM and BB! :biggrin: Now I'm kind of stuck with a huge decision to make - RF Alma in either PM or BB... I tried the PM in another color and it felt pretty much like the perfect size. But I really like the long strap that the PM comes with. Plus it's cheaper, leaving me a little money to spend on a scarf or a shawl. I'm kind of leaning towards the BB + shawl option, even though I did fall in love with the size of the PM.

    Anyone who owns either PM or BB or possibly both?? Could you please give me some pros and cons on both sizes? Action shots for reference would be very much appreciated as well!
  2. I have the BB & MM Almas, no PM. Go for the BB since it will not be around once it is sold out. The PM will be around if you decide to get it later in another color. I prefer the BB over the PM anyway, the BB is more of a statement piece than the PM. I do not use the strap for the BB, just don't like the look of it on me and on the BB. There are modelling photos in this thread on page 9, post #123:
  3. Haha, I was in the exact same dilemma as you!

    Initially, I was on the waitlist for the PM, but I turned it down because I wanted the Pomme; turns out the SA at the store made a huge mistake and "assumed" Pomme was going to come out in PM but it never did. I was also waitlisted for the Amarante, but I passed it up.

    Then comes BB.

    I didn't think twice about this bag, until I found out much later (2 weeks+) that it was a one-shot deal. I can pick up the Alma PM any time, but the BB was limited, so I asked a couple different stores; turns out they were COMPLETELY sold out in my country. :sad:

    I had to order it from the States and it is taking an extrememly long time to process the transaction...I just want her! lol.

    I think PM is a great size especially as an everyday bag. I realllly love her, but just fyi as I mentioned above, BB is a one-shot item. Get the BB now before it's all gone, and pick up the PM later on! I also heard that a new vernis colour is coming out, so I'm crossing my fingers it'll be a gorgeous colour!

    Long story short: BB first, PM second. ^_^
    That's what I'm planning on doing lol.

    Good luck with your choices, and make sure you reveal! :heart:
  4. BB :smile: i think rena did a good explanation already for my vote. :smile:
  5. Bb
  6. The BB is adorable. Get it!
  7. Get the BB, she's so cute!!
  8. Get the PM! I think the BB is too small to actually carry anything. GL :biggrin:
  9. I knew I wanted my alma to be versatile - one that I can carry to the office, for going out with friends and family, and even just on a casual day out (shopping!). So I chose the alma pm. It turns out to be a really amazing bag!
  10. I love the bb!
  11. Any details on what the new colors may be or when they will be coming out?
  12. Bb. ;)
  13. I like the pm
  14. I agree with everyone else, I would get the BB first, as it is a one shot item and won't be around for much longer. I LOVE the bb, I just ordered mine in Pomme and can't wait to get it! You can pick up the PM at a later date if you want, but I would jump on the opportunity to get the BB and a shawl! Good luck with your decision!
  15. Pm!