Alma BB

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  1. Hi, I am interested in purchasing an alma bb in Rose ballerine, but unsure whether to go for the vernis or epi leather. Any advice would be welcome x
  2. Hi,
    Ive seen it in epi leather and it looks very sophisticated.I dont have either leather to give you advice but just my thought that epi looks nicer.I feel vernis leather is better for pop colours like indian rose,fuschia,cherry :smile:
  3. I'd choose the Epi. It's so sophisticated and understated. The leather is beautiful and can easily be dressed up or down. This is a wonderful small bag!
  4. Epi! I'd be afraid vernis would yellow like some of the older ones I've seen in light vernis. Epi is so chic and beautiful.
  5. I think epi.
    I have both.
    The epi ones still looks unchanged.
    Like new from store.
    My Light blue vernis alma is already discolored.
    I think it's Gris color.
    Even with minimal use. :sad:
  6. Epi, lower maintainence and more classic. Sometimes I get tired of vernis (I do own a few vernis pieces), but I never get tired of Epi!
  7. Epi! I've noticed my vernis SLGs show fingerprints and marks so easily.
  8. Another vote for Eli! So classy and understated
  9. Epi!
  10. EPi! Now help me decide between the Alma BB epi Noir or the epi Denim..
  11. is it easy to get in epi? i am also looking for one, but my SA is currently on holiday
  12. I just got the epi alma bb in RB too and I love it! Can't stop staring at it.

  13. Noir. So classy and elegant and understated. Love it. I think the denim looks dated already.
  14. Absolutely Epi! Your color would depend on what you tend to wear. Obviously noir is nearly always good but denim is a really cute casual. :smile:
  15. Epi

    Epi Noir