Alma BB!

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  1. I'm going to NYC for Victoria's day long weekend (Canadian thing I think...) and I'm saving for the Alma BB Vernis in the most amazing color I saw "Rose Florentine" ... I'm in LVOE with it but not even sure if it's limited edition or ...? If I go in May will it be there?? Also, how much does it cost?

    thanks a lot ! xox
  2. Found this on a cite posted January 12th, 2010:

    "Alma BB comes in two colors: Pomme d’Amour and the new Rose Florentin. Its available at Louis Vuitton for US$1000."

    So it should still be around in May. I'm :drool: over it too!

    :kiss: Atalie
  3. i don't think rose florentin will be permanent, but it should still be around in may. like atalie mentioned, bb is $1000.
  4. The rose florentin looks plain online, but is sooo fierce and chic in person. I love it too!
  5. Get it! I am waiting for RF too!
  6. I love the rose florentin!
  7. Alma BB is one shot item. Rose Florentin I was told will be around till Oct or Nov. One shot item could last months, it could also last a couple months. It really depends. If it was me I would try to get it ASAP since it can disappear any day.

    Rose Florentin is a beautiful color. I love the Alma BB in RF. It's so elegant and pretty!
  8. wow...cite? lol, sorry, SITE! don't know what I was thinking

    point is, there's your info. hope you get what you want :smile:

  9. rose florentin!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)
  10. I love it! And I want it too!:pout:
  11. So do I. Love you avatar :cutesy: Fairy-bag!!!
  12. Thanks! :winkiss:
  13. The Alma BB in RF is a truly gorgeous and stylish bag. Since the BB is not part of the permanent collection, I'd try to get it as soon as possible.
  14. I saw this bag IRL and I am drooling over it too! What a cute bag!!
  15. Love the red one! But it's out of stock online, anyone knows where I can get it? Thx!!