Alma BB vs Speedy 25

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Alma BB or Speedy 25 (or other)

  1. Alma BB

  2. Speedy 25

  3. Other (please leave a response below)

  1. Hi guys, I'm looking to pick up a small everyday crossbody from LV. I had the Twice but it was just too small for me, and I can't seem to find a Pochette Metis. I'm considering the Alma BB or Speedy 25. Which would you guys go with, and would you go for DE or Monogram? This is for something I could throw on an use for an everyday basis, esp. going out at night with friends to dinner and drinks, etc. Thanks!

    PS Feel free to recommend other bags! Even if they're not LV
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  2. Since the day I have my Speedy B DE, I cannot live anymore without him re Easy, sooooo lightweight (vey important for me) and practical to use with or without staps ; his structure is perfect, small but not too small than the nice Twice you have. I can put Inside my :

    - 4 keys ring into the small Pocket Inside this bag
    - Pochette accessoires (old model)
    - small mini pochette
    - Sarah wallet
    - round coin purse
    - wallet for my driving license etc..(so big in France!)
    - PM or MM agenda (depending my day)
    - Sunglasses
    - Umbrella
    - Water bottle 50 ml
    - Some cd :blush:
    - Phone
    - scarf
    - Tissue
    and more.. If you have time, try and go to see the video on YB with Nastasha ; I took so many months :giggle: for choosing my bag that her video helped me a lot. Mono or DE it is your choice ; both are nice. I like the Alma BB; maybe looks more "chic" than speedy B? But Alma BB is not for me. Too heavy and really not practical. But it is only my opinion.
    For going out (drink or dinner with friends) I use my pochette accessoires too ; old but like brand new :hbeat: or my Burberry (discontinued).
    Good luck :yes:
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  3. If you can handle the flap, the Gucci Jacki Flap bag is in the same ballpark size-wize, and can be found on sale for significantly cheaper (check around for pre-owned as well). The key feature about this purse is that it has several separators inside for easy organization.

    I'm personally tired of lifting a flap every time I want to get inside my purse; and that clasp makes it hard to handle 1 handed. I wish Chanel/Hermes made more purses that weren't flaps and closed completely via zipper.

    Of the 2 LVs you listed, I lean towards the Speedy 25. I'm planning to get one in Empreinte myself when it finally comes out in Cherry. The speedy is a classic shape. The fact that Audrey Hepburn allegedly had the 25 size made for her is too fun of a trivia fact to give up :smile:
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  4. Speedy 25 :yes:
  5. My vote is on the Speedy B 25 in DE. Why DE? you have mentioned it is for an everyday bag right? then the DE is no patina at all it is low to no maintenance so what if you get caught in the rain or splashed coffee with your thousand plus $ LV? just wipe it down. If you don't mind the patina go with the monogram canvas as the strap is more comfortable for crossbody but then again that is a lot of patina you have to worry about. Why not Alma BB you may asked well she is also in my list in vernis. I have the PM in DE and wouldn't want to get the BB in the same pattern nor the mono cause again that is a lot of patina I have to worry about. The Alma BB is great but if you want a more roomy and versatile bag the Speedy 25 is the best.
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  6. The Speedy 25 in DE has my vote as it can hold more than the Alma (the Alma's shape and rigid canvas doesn't leave much space towards the top of the bag - what fits in the bottom is basically what you're able to carry - whereas the Speedy can be loaded right up) and the print is worry-free for year-round wear in any weather.
  7. Alma BB because of the strap, and in DE version so it can be good for all weathers :smile:. I have a Speedy 25 but kinda regret it because it looks small (Im 5 feet 5) and it is only hand held. I would also recommend Speedy Bs though!!
  8. sorry i shouldve clarified id go for a speedy b, not hand held. i also dont need TOO much space, as i dont cary much in my small crossbodies (just water bottle, wallet, a compact). given that, would everyone still say the speedy?
  9. I have a speedy b 25 in DE and love it. But don't know based on items you mentioned if it would still be "too" much. I also want to eventually purchase a epi alma bb in noir. I would suggest you go, if you can, into LV and try both on. Bring all your everyday essentials with you and see how each bag fits them.
  10. Speedy 25 b without question. I love mine, use it nearly every day, fits everything i need, comfortable to carry, looks great. Just love it, best buy ever :smile:
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  11. Definetely Speedy B then :love:
  12. Speedy B 25. I just got it and I love it.
  13. I would recommend the speedy B 25. I love mine and it is my throw around bag that I love carrying all year round, especially during the rainy seasons here.
  14. Speedy B 25
  15. I think you can fit more in the speedy than bb..I have a pomme bb and rarely use it because I would have to change to a smaller wallet to use....I love the style of the alma bb but it does not fit a lot, if you are ok with that than an alma bb is a great choice!