Alma BB vs Siena PM??

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  1. Thoughts, pro’s and con’s on both??

    Thx! :smile:
  2. I love both of these bags. Siena was my 1st LV and still going strong. (Used this bag all weekend). Great structure and organization, lightweight and easy to carry different ways. With that said, I just adore the Alma BB and looking forward to getting it at Christmas. It’s smaller but still holds a bunch. And it’s such a classic! Sienna holds more, so depends on what your needs are.
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  3. Sounds like the Siena may be the right choice then. :smile: I have a neonoe already, looking to add a DE to my small collection.

    thanks for your input. :biggrin:
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  4. Hands down Alma bb. I don't like the siena. To me the shape is really weird, how the top slants up at the sides. And someone once commented on here that the middle pleat looks like a vagina so now I can't unsee lol.
  5. OMG I see that in most bags with a pleat, which is why I can't buy a bag with pleats or certain folds! So glad I'm not alone in this! Lol :lol:
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  6. Even though I own Siena, I do like the Alma BB much better. Can’t wait to have this one at Christmas!
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  7. :giggle::lol:

  8. :lol::giggle:
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  9. I have the Alma bb and I just love the style and the way it looks. I have nothing to offer than that. :biggrin:
  10. I’m debating between a Speedy B 25 in DE or Alma BB. I want something I can dress up as well as down.
  11. that would be an alma bb
  12. I'm just concerned because the Alma BB's strap isn't adjustable and I'm 5'2" (And have no way of trying it on before I buy - no LV in my state)
  13. I’m 5’2” and comfortably wear mine crossbody. It hangs as low as you would want any purse. My SA is petite like me and asserted it looked fine. She’s the same one that told me that anything above Speedy 25 would be too big on me. I trust her opinion.
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  14. Thank you for the reassurance! :smile: I'm thinking I may go with the alma bb in epi....
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  15. Bon chance!
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