alma bb vs. Neverfull mm

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  1. Hi guys I'm getting my first LV bag. I can't decide between the Alma BB and Neverfull MM. I am usually a small purse kind of a person. I love the alma look, but do like the fact that Neverfulls come with a wristlet. Thoughts? thanks
  2. I have both and while I love the Alma, I think the NF is a better overall bag if I only had one.
  3. I have a Neverfull MM and I had an Alma BB. I adore my Neverfull, its able to carry so much stuff and look nice doing it. The Alma BB is lovely, but I really got frustrated at how carefully you had to place things just to get it to fit. Plus, I always found the opening small, was always scraping my hands on the zipper.

    For a first Louis Vuitton, I'd definitely vote for the Neverfull! You'll get so much use out of it :smile:
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  4. Totally agree. I don't know why I have an alma bb, I never use it because it's too small and I find carrying it awkward. It is very structured, borderline too hard and wide to use as a cross body but I think too small to carry on my arm. When I wear it on my shoulder, I find its too long to be functional. I love the Neverfull to carry, but I hate how they are everywhere. Delightful maybe a good option for you?
  5. If you prefer small bags, I would say go with the Alma BB. I love mine and wear it often either handheld or crossbody.

    Since the Neverfull is a tote, you can't really compare the two bags.
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  6. Why don't you get the Neverfull PM instead of MM then? It's much more purse size than tote size and you get all the elements of the Neverfull that an Alma can't give you.
  7. The alma bb will be more versatile, esp bc u like smaller bags
  8. If you like a bag that doesnt carry much you choose the alma bb..its nice for parties and casual stuff..if you usually carry a lot then choose the nf
  9. Alma BB gets my vote. I have both and use the alma a lot more than the Neverfull. I honestly only use the Neverfull when I have to carry my laptop somewhere. I also found the clutch it came with totally useless. It didn't look nice as a bag by itself and it was awkward and too big to use as a wallet.
  10. They're two completely different bags, and both serve a specific purpose. Personally, I'd choose Alma BB because I've become accustomed to carrying smaller bags and I feel it's very versatile in that can easily be dressed up or down. Neverfull is a practical and durable, but in my opinion it's a tote vs a handbag. Both are great bags, get the one you love and will use most.