Alma bb vs. Alma pm

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  1. Good morning to all. I would love to hear your thoughts on the alma pm vs. the alma bb as an everyday bag. I watched a number of you tubes on the bb and it seems to hold a lot. Thank you
  2. I prefer bb more
    I don't carry a lot
  3. Ooh yes I'd like to know this too? I'm thinking a bb for evening, but don't really like how the cross body works so wouldn't use it. But if not using as a cross body would I be better to get the pm for more space. But is a pm too big if you're not going to carry too much? So many questions!! If anyone who has both could compare that would be awesome TIA.
  4. I have both and prefer bb, however it's totally personal preference. I greatly prefer smaller bags that are cross body so def bb for me.
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    I have 3 Alma BB's and I love them! For me, they're the perfect size for a small bag, and when I use my zippy coin purse as a wallet and mini Pochette for cosmetics, there's plenty of room for a Cles, sunglasses in soft case, iPhone 6, tissues, mints and my checkbook without the bag being overstuffed. I love the shape and the's classic, structured and polished. It can be dressed up or down. I love the cross body option, but it's lovely worn on the shoulder or carried by the handles too. The hardware is so shiny and substantial, and it shows up so well on this little beauty. I've always planned on adding an Alma PM to my collection, and I eventually will when I fall hard for a particular color/ material, but smaller bags are so liberating. When I go in to the boutique to look at Alma PM, I end up leaving with another BB!
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  6. The alma pm in rouge fauviste Is such a beautiful color. It was my first LV it is so pretty. The size is not too large. It sounds like the bb can be used as an everyday bag if packed correctly. I use large bags . Artsy, soft lockits and now I have been using the beautiful Santa Monica for about 2 months. I have had to adjust but I like the smaller bags as well. I'm leaning towards a new bb : )
  7. I had watch a lot of videos of the Alma bb and had to have one especially because I am a huge Alma fan. I have 3 Alma pm's and felt that the bb would be perfect smaller bag. I found that personally I didn't like the size on me. I am 5'4" and 135 pounds, it just looked so small on me. I love it when I see it on other people, as it is gorgeous. I actually had it for sale for about a year on tradesy and was going to start using it but it finely found a new home. If you can try both on.
  8. I have 2 BBs and 2 PMs love them all.. if packed correctly I can use the BB as a daily bag using Cles as my mini wallet with car and house key attached my specs in the PM case, mirror, gum, comb, lippy of the day, tissues, Samsung s6 edge plus with plenty of room for more, even a mini umbrella or my toiletry 15, it's great for evenings too I like it on one shoulder.
    The PM is great if you don't want to downsize and I think it's still not too big for evening, although it can be worn with a strap, I would find it too structured and big. You can't go wrong with either!
    I'm thinking of getting the MM in DE for work :smile:
  9. I prefer the pm. I'm not a fan of the bb - just looks juvenile on me but looks fantastic on others. It depends on your style and your needs.
  10. I had the PM and sold it. Since three weeks I now have the BB and I love it! I love to wear it as a crossbody or as a hand held. Such a pretty and cute bag. Reason why I sold the PM, I didn't like the bag with a strap, I found it to big for me.
  11. I have the PM but I carry quite a bit. The BB is also similar in capacity to other bags so I prefer PM for the Alma.
  12. The BB is definitely cute but I personally find it too "little girl", like the proportions of a child's bag. Sorry! Don't mean to offend anyone, as I know it is perfect for a lot of people. In contrast, the PM just looks like an elegant lady's bag to me.
  13. I think it's so cute, but it maybe to young for me and too small. I think it's one of those pieces you love, but once try it on you feel like it looks better on the hanger. Does that make sense??? I purchased the bb in the Pomme d Amore before they discontinued it and returned it. I will be happy for now and see what happens later. You are all so helpful!!!!
  14. I just purchased my first bb and while I have not even received it yet, I know I will like it. I do not like taking "normal" sized bags when I go out, such as a bar or nightclub. I also don't really carry my larger handbags if I'm going out and walking around, like at festivals and such. I want my hands free, and I want my handbag close by me.

    I do not own an Alma mm, but I do a Brea and I love how structured it is, I carry it when I wish to look more polished and may need more items in my bag than a smaller sized bag can carry.

    For this reason I would purchase a Alma MM, as I would love to have the structure of the larger handbag, but I feel like the bb will be more of my everyday bag.
  15. Does LV still make the MM? I've noticed for quite a while that there's nothing available in MM on the website.

    ETA: I'm mainly asking about Vernis and Epi.